Jeff McLaren
Working for You

Downtown Revitalization

Limiting zoning of new commercial and ensuring people can get downtown easily, safely, comfortably, cheaply and conveniently

Many of the residents of our district have strong ties and strong concerns about the well-being of our downtown core. There are currently too many empty shops in the downtown and parking is difficult compared to suburban parking.

As your councillor, I will work to:
  • Ensure people can get downtown safely, comfortably, cheaply and easily by increasing traffic with better transit, better park and rides, and supporting active transportation.
  • Promote intensification of residential development above commercial properties in midtown and downtown. This will encourage more people to live and use services downtown.
  • Improve the quality of downtown parking with safe, clean, well-lit and inviting parking garages.
  • Fight urban sprawl by maintaining the livability of downtown. This means protecting residential spaces, schools, food sources, community services and amenities.
  • Protect and support locally-owned businesses during period of heavy construction to ensure their survival.
  • The Problem: too many empty store fronts downtown read more...

    People do not want to go downtown because: 1) acceptable parking is too hard to find; 2) Parking garages are too ugly and scary; 3) Parking is expensive compared to suburban parking; 4) It is hard or inconvenient to get downtown.

  • Twelve policy strategies to help revitalize downtown

    1) Level the playing field in parking costs between the downtown and the suburbs.

    2) Ensure people can get downtown easily, safely, comfortably, cheaply and conveniently through improved public transit.

    3) Reduce full day commuter traffic with more park and rides and better public transit.

    4) Provide amenities for multiple transport options including auto, public transit, bike and foot traffic.

    5) Promote intensification of residential development above commercial.

    6) Provide help and incentives to make downtown more accessible.

    7) Limit new commercial growth until the downtown is full again.

    8) Try to discourage or get rid of foreign chain stores that take their profit out of the community.

    9) No to new foreign big box stores.

    10) Programs to encourage and educate on the benefits of buying from local business and hiring local labour.

    11) Clean up and brighten up the parking garages to make them attractive, safe accessible and convenient.

    12) Set up a one-stop-shop website for all things Kingston including business activities and how to start a business.